Bures St Mary Parish Council Minutes

Bures St Mary Parish Council Minutes
and Reports 2013
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Bures St Mary Parish Council Minutes
and Reports
Jan 23rd   March 27th
24th April APM May 22nd AGM
July 24th  
 Sept 25th  Model Publication Scheme
 Nov 27th Standing Orders 2014
   Financial Orders
 Bures St Mary Parish Council Minutes  
 and Reports 2015  
 Jan 22nd  Complaints Procedure 2015
 March 26th  Model Publication Scheme 2015
 May 21st  Risk Assessment 2015
 May 21st Annual Parish  Financial Regulations 2015
 Chairman's Report 2015  Standing Orders 2015
 July 23rd  Budget 2015
 24th Sept  Accounts Balances 2014/15
 26th Nov Accounts Receipts 2014/15
  Accounts Payments 2014/15
 Bures St Mary Parish Council Minutes  Bures St Mary Parish Council 2016
 and Reports 2016  Annual Returns External Auditor approval
 Agenda 21st january 2016  Annual Returns 2015/16
 Mnutes 21st January 2016  Financial Statement APM 26th May 2016
 Standing Orders updated 2016  Chairmans Report 2016
 Financial Regulations updated 2016  Financial Regulations 2016
 Budget 2016  Standing Orders 2016
 Planning appendix 21st January 2016  Model Publication Scheme 2016
 Agenda 17th March 2016  Complaints Procedure 2016
 Planning appendix 17th March 2016  Risk Assessment 2016
 Minutes 17th March 2016  Assets 2016
 Agenda APM 26th May 2016  Internal Auditor report 2015/16
 Agenda AGM 26th May 2016  Equality Policy
 Planning appendix 26th May 2016  Bures St Mary Parish Council 2017
 Minutes APM 26th May 2016  Budget 2017-18
 Minutes AGM 26th May 2016  
 Agenda 21st July 2016  
 Planning appendix 21.07.2016  
 Minutes 21.07.2016  
 Agenda 22.09.2016  
 Planning appendix 22.09.2016  
 Minutes 22.09.2016  
 Agenda 24.11.2016  
 Planning appendix 24.11.2016  
 Minutes 24.11.2016  
 Bures St Mary Parish Council minutes and reports 2017  
 Agenda 19.01.2017  
 Planning appendix 19.01.2017  
 Minutes 19.01.2017  
 Agenda 23.03.2017  
 Planning appendix 23.03.2017  
 Agenda Joint Annual Parish Meeting 30th March 2017  
 Draft Minutes 23.03.2017