Cemetery Authority members

Cemetery Authority Clerk

Mrs. Jenny Wright
38 The Paddocks, Bures, Suffolk CO8 5DF
Tel:  01787 227750  
Email: buresparishcouncils()gmail.com


Mr. David Lee
15 Maltings Close, Bures, Suffolk CO8 5EJ
Tel: 01787 227116  

Committee Members

Mr Leigh Alston
4 Nayland Road, Bures, Suffolk CO8 5BX
Tel: 01787 228016

Mrs Janet Aries
6 Nayland Road, Bures, Suffolk CO8 5ND
Tel: 01787 228463

Miss Mychelle Baker
2 Church Cottage, Great Henny  CO10 7NW
Tel 01787 269660

Mr Alan Crowe
10 Water Lane, Bures, Suffolk CO8 5DE
Tel: 01787 227280  

Ms Carol Ellis
21 The Paddocks, Bures CO8 5DF
Tel: 01787 227675

Mrs Jennie McCrory
8 Nayland Road, Bures, Suffolk CO8 5BX 
Tel:  01787 228194  

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